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+ Grace for All +

+ Grace for All +

Posted By on Sep 25, 2018

[Yes, we really do mean all.]

We know college life is hard sometimes. Really hard. Finding people who genuinely care and accept you for who you are shouldn’t be. This is why we created Blessings on the Go!

We are ecumenical Christian — United Methodists, ELCA Lutherans, Episcopalians, and Presbyterians — all working together to bring a blessing to your day and the KU campus.

Stop by and see us. Pick up a protein or granola bar. Or, if there’s something weighing on your heart, we can pray with you. Whether you have a chemistry test in a few minutes, a family member battling illness, a friend struggling with depression, or something else, we will listen and pray with you.

And remember: God Loves You. No Exceptions.

We’re on Wescoe Beach every Tuesday and Wednesday, 11:30-1p.

See YOU there!

God Loves You. No Exceptions.

Blessings on the Go
+ Grace for All +

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